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Leadership, Management and Planning Standards

Leadership, Governance, Policy Development and Communications

These standards examine the role of senior management and the governing body in establishing public health policy and setting strategic goals for the agency and the service area. Additional roles examined include directing and coordinating internal agency planning, policy development and how the agency communicates and uses information technology.

Performance Management & Quality Improvement

These standards examine how the agency is able to maintain a performance management system to monitor achievement of organizational objectives and examines the agency’s ability to maintain an organization-wide culture of quality improvement by coordinating the evaluations of all the sections of the standards together to implement and monitor the performance management/quality improvement process for their internal programs and activities.

Risk Management, Financial Management, Contracts and Procurement

These standards examine how the agency is able to establish a budgeting, auditing, billing, and financial system and chart expenses and review accounts in compliance with state, and local standards and policies.  Additional standards examine the agency’s ability to procure, maintain, and manage safe facilities and efficient operations.


Human Resources

These standards examine how the agency provides and manages personnel needs, issues, benefits and a workforce development plan to assure a competent and appropriately trained workforce.

Community Planning

These standards examine how the agency engages in community health planning and policy setting.

Health Equity and Cultural Responsiveness

This standard examines how the agency fosters an environment that is culturally appropriate and responsive to the service area needs.


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