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Advancing public health quality and performance

MICH accreditation standards build on the evidence and experience-based package of essential governmental public health capabilities and services identified in Missouri's Foundational Public Health Services (MO FPHS) model.

The standards encompass the principles

of Public Health 3.0 as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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They also reflect the 10 Essential Public Health Services framework developed in 1994 and updated in 2020 by the Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI) and the de Beaumont Foundation. The framework provides a roadmap of goals for carrying out the mission of public health

Accreditation formally recognizes your good work! 

Share the Case for Accreditation with your Board or Commissioners to gain support for your accreditation journey.


Accreditation Fees


$ 3,600  Application Fee

$ 5,400  Accreditation Fee

$ 1,500  Reaccreditation Extension Fee

Upon application, LPHAs receive support from an MICH liaison. Prerequisites should be submitted to MICH for review. Once LPHAs complete the Standards Workbook and submit all documents through the MICH Dropbox, the accreditation fee is payable to cover expenses for the MICH liaison, review process, and site visit.


If reviewers determine submitted documentation does not meet MICH standards, the site visit will be canceled and 50% of the accreditation fee will be refunded to the LPHA. LPHAs will also be refunded 50% of their accreditation fee if they withdraw their application prior to 7 days before their scheduled site visit.

Reaccreditation Extension

LPHAs may request an extension of up to 60 days for extenuating circumstances that prevent them from meeting the reaccreditation deadline.  A letter should be emailed to the Executive Board of MICH explaining the circumstances for the extension request.


Accreditation Process



The LPHA commits to pursue MICH accreditation and garners support from staff, leadership, and partners. The LPHA assigns an accreditation coordinator and completes pre-requisite documentation such as a Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan, Agency Strategic Plan, and Quality Improvement Plan.



The LPHA submits an accreditation application and initial fee. MICH assigns a liaison to the LPHA to coordinate the application process. The applicant submits pre-requisite documents. MICH reviews these documents and notifies the LPHA if they are acceptable.


Document Submission

LPHA applicants carefully select and submit documents that demonstrate how their agency meets MICH accreditation standards and measures. Most measures require two examples, preferably from different programs. Agency staff are encouraged to participate in the selection of documents.


Review & Site Visit

The MICH review team examines the applicant's Standards Workbook and submitted documents. Additional documents may be requested and examined during a site visit. The administrator and governing body members are invited to participate in the site visit.



The Accreditation Council reviews the applicant's Standards Workbook score sheet and the reviewers' Feedback Report to form a recommendation to the MICH Board of Directors. Within 45 days, LPHAs will receive notification that they are accredited, conditionally accredited, or not accredited.

Accreditation Standards


Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Standards

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