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Doctor and Patient

Access to Healthcare Services

Information and Data

This standard examines the agency’s ability to provide data and information to healthcare providers, coalitions, decision-makers, legislators and other stakeholders to support healthcare planning for access to healthcare services. 


Community Partnership

This standard examines the agency’s ability to conduct and/or participate in ongoing planning with healthcare system partners, community members and organizations that represent members of priority populations. 


Intervention and Activities

These standards examine the ability of the agency to provide or link priority populations to clinical preventive services.  They also examine the agency’s ability to recommend implementation of evidence-based clinical and community interventions for disease prevention, early detection and self-management. 



In this standard, the agency demonstrates how to implement a culture of quality improvement using nationally recognized tools and resources to determine how effectively it works with system partners in assessing healthcare access and determines how to improve healthcare access promotion efforts in the future.


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