Missouri Voluntary Local Public Health Agency Accreditation Program

           The Missouri Institute for Community Health (MICH) is the accrediting body for Missouri’s Voluntary Accreditation Program for Local Public Health Agencies.  The Missouri public health system began exploring accreditation for local public health agencies in the 1990s.  Initial work began under the umbrella of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, but in 2002, MICH took the lead. The first set of standards was piloted and then issued in 2003. The first local public health agency was accredited in 2003.

       When accreditation standards were revised in 2006, the Operational Definition of a Functional Local Health Department created by the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO), along with the work of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) contributed to the revision.

     In our constant commitment to make the Missouri Voluntary Accreditation Program as user friendly as possible, beginning June 2009, all local public heath agencies (LPHA) who wish to apply or reapply for accreditation will use Google docs for their application, self-assessment, and all supporting documents.  The account site will also be used by reviewers and staff to review files and prepare for the self-assessment.  LPHA may view Google docs as an opportunity to create a running history of the accreditation process and a baseline for reaccreditation.

     We hope you will find this process logical, comprehensive, convenient, and designed with your busy schedules in mind.  Please read the Overview section of the Accreditation Manual in its entirety before beginning and share with other staff who are responsible for some aspect of the accreditation process.

New Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2011
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Click to Download Accreditation Procedures Update July 22, 2009

A Note About the Heartland Centers Learning Management System (LMS) and Achieving Accreditation
The LMS system was developed to help achieve the goal of assessing and improving the preparedness and core public health competency of the workforce.  The LMS system allows individuals to enroll in a professional development plan and receive a transcript and certificates that document all programs completed. The individual’s progress with his professional development plan can then be tracked on-line by his agency’s administrator to assist with the agency-wide workforce training, planning and applying for accreditation.  To access the LMS go to www.heartlandcenters.com.

For additional information in utilizing the LMS to achieve training requirements for accreditation, click here.